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We are pleased to announce the launch of our new, secure and responsive website!

Our website displays a selection of some of the projects we are dealing with around the world at the moment. You can search for jobs and apply online on your PC, laptop or phone. You can also register your CV with us and we will contact you to discuss your next move.

Here is our launch press release which we have published.

Recruitment agencies come in all shapes and sizes. Many are happy to operate in their local area, whether independently or part of a chain; some recruit for the entire UK; moving up the scale there are some who recruit in the UK for companies in Europe or the Middle East.

There are, though, an elite few who can boast that they have what it takes to operate on a truly global scale. If you ask business owners and HR departments in companies large and small around the world to name one of these elites, a great many will mention Eltare first.

Based in London, a true world city if ever there was one, Eltare has been pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in recruitment and global mobility for over a decade. They have, in that time, become a byword for reliability in recruitment. No matter what the size of the project, no matter where in the world it’s taking place, Eltare will always deliver the right people within the agreed timeframe – it’s just what they do.

Eltare has a highly dedicated team of industry specific consultants who work in the following sectors:

• Oil & Gas

• Petrochemicals & Process

• Accounting & Finance

Each Eltare recruitment consultant has many years’ worth of valuable hands-on experience within the industry they specialise in, as well as plenty of recruitment experience too. Whatever your area of expertise you can be sure your consultant will know exactly what you are talking about. Customer service is the prime directive at this consultancy, this counts for both candidates and clients alike. 

Candidates will find they are more than just a number on a stats sheet. Yes the initial interview and vetting process is tough but it has to be, Eltare’s clients expect the very best so that’s what your consultant has to produce. It is designed to seek out and amplify your strengths while at the same time identify any potential weaknesses you may have. You will be walked through the entire job seeking process, you will be helped to produce a glowing CV and you will be introduced to some of the most influential companies anywhere in the world. The relationship doesn’t end there though; whenever you need support and advice, at any stage in your career, your Eltare consultant is only a phone call away.

Eltare’s clients certainly appreciate the hard work they put in to take away the heavy lifting that recruitment entails. They appreciate the effort their dedicated Eltare Account Manager puts in to stay on top of their local markets. They know Eltare will always go the extra mile when it comes to finding the perfect fit for their team, right on time, every time.

Contact Eltare today for your staffing solutions anywhere in the world.

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