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Our Client is Major European EPC contractor. They are currently seeking an experienced DCS Operator - Commissioning who specializes within the Hydrocracking unit. Our client is currently working on a strategic project to better improve efficiencies within their current existing complex. The successful candidate will have the ability to operate the plant in a safe and optimal manner from the console using the process automation system in place.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Diploma in Chemical Engineering.
  • Minimum 7 years working experience within Refinery or minimum 4 years working experience within Refinery & 3 years in petrochemicalMinimum 3 years with working experience as DCS in the relevant refinery unit.
  • Previous pre-commission, commission, startup experience.
  • Ability to operate Distributed Controls System.
  • Advanced operational skills related to field and DCS operation.
  • Ability to ensure safe and efficient process operations by monitoring operating conditions and make process adjustments
  • Excellent judgment and fast response to situations
  • Record keeping and logging ability of operating conditions. 
  • Excellent English skills (Verbal and Writing).

Who we are looking for:

  • Bachelor in Chemical Engineering or equivalent
  • Previous Hyrdocrack HCK unit experience required in Refinery
  • Knowledge of different Refinery unit/process technologies.
  • Previous experience in a similar position within the relevant refinery unit.   
  • Experience in Distributed Control Systems, Startups and emergency shutdown systems.
  • High safety awareness level and implementing safety policy and hazard protection.  
  • Strong technical knowledge with the ability to communicate it effectively to both team members and management.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Participate to the witnessing of the Control room
  • Participate to the review of the OTS
  • Perform or assist in the start-up or shut down of assigned plant and facilities according to approved operating procedure or Instruction.
  • Monitor operating conditions and make process adjustments either through the control system or by acquiring plant site information from field operator to ensure safe and efficient process operation and report any symptom or abnormality to Shift Supervisor.
  • Maintain log books and operating log sheets recording temperatures, pressures, flow rates, samples taken, volumes received and shipped, and the activities conducted during the shift with correct time stamps.
  • Log should include Field operation as required.To execute appropriate processes needed for start, operation and interruption of an installation equipment or a production unit, in compliance with procedures and instructions.
  • Respond to emergency or upset conditions taking necessary shutdown or process adjustment action to restore stable operating conditions in accordance with instruction of Shift Supervisor.
  • Provide coaching or appropriate technical advice to other console/field operators or sharing good and bad experiences with colleagues, upon request, to realize efficient and effective operations.